16 Jul

Long story short, I survived the Eras tour AND cancer.

Eveyone has heard that THE Taylor Alison Swift puts on the performance of a lifetime for 3 hours and that it takes some preparation ahead of time for concert goers. But what does it look like for those who make have some other considerations to keep in mind? For me? It’s all the residuals from cancer treatment. SO what does a fun night singing and dancing look like when you have muscle pain, constant fatigue, vocal cord damage and when you are prone to headaches? Let me tell you!

BEFORE the concert: Anticipatory anxiety kicks in. Am I going to feel rested enough to make it the whole time? Am I going to be a buzzkill for the friends I am with

I only had one espresso shot all day because while I wanted to be awake for it, but I also wanted the best chance of getting sleep once I got home.

Food is a MUST. I don’t care if its a little pricier. Eating nachos with beef and veggies while drinking some water with salt or gatorade helped me get settled.

Thank goodness our seats were in the shade, we got in as soon as doors open and I sat down for the two hours leading up to the opening acts.

You can’t drink too much water, though, so it’s a balancing act. There’s a fine line to stay hydrated (to help with muscle pains and ward off headaches) but also not have to go to the bathroom throughout the 3 and a half hour set!!!

DURING the concert: I got to take some pictures with my sisters during Gracie Abrams’ set (my sister Grace bopping along!) but in between each opener, I took advantage of sitting. 

I left right after MUNA (I LOVE YOU @katiegavin) to go pee in the “Family bathroom” as there was no way to ensure the disability bathrooms in the regular women’s lines would be available. Even then, others waited in line letting their kids go in one at a time, so there’s no guarantee you will get there if you have trouble with holding it. 

I kept getting texts that the countdown was on, and I made it to the seat just as Miss Americana and the Heartbreak Prince started. 

I sat between each “Era” transition and I hated having to do it. But I wanted to be there for the entire concert so I did!

I DEFINITELY sang too loud, but that was a future Mary problem at the point! I mean, how could you not scream the lyrics to Picture to Burn?!

AFTER the concert: We waited as long as we could after Karma ended to allow for as much of the crowd to leave as possible. It gave us time to get a sip of water from the fountains and not be pushed and shoved going down the ramps.

We still dealt with the mad rush of people on the streets though. We parked about a 10 minute walk away but made sure to pack the car with waters and snacks to help with the drive home. Shout out to the brass band playing more T Swift bops along the route!

It was about midnight(s) when we started driving and thank God the only traffic we ran into was getting out of the parking lot. We got home exhausted and with sore throats as is.

Even at 1:30 AM when I was home and showered, I was so wired that I’m amazed I got any sleep…I purposely planned a low key day the next day (while my sister went back to do it all again😆). AND made sure my flight was not the day after

I drank a lot of water, napped and hung out with some family. 

Two days later, I am still recovering while traveling so work should be fun tomorrow, but it is so so worth it! I am left without much of a voice - I’d blame it on the vocal chord damage, but I know most lose their voices after seeing Taylor!

THINGS TO NOTE: while I wouldn’t need to use it, for this concert, the Denver stadium did not have a designated disability entrance. A woman with a walker had to check in at her gate and then get special permission to go to another gate to use the ramp just to get in. They also have some confusing ramps indoors- you go up at gate 130 to try to get to gate 330 and suddenly you have to go to the fifth floor to get across the stadium and back down to find to your seats!

While there was Tay-gating at other stadiums, I wish I had known there wouldn’t be any here. I would have planned a deliberate meal at 3 instead of hanging out outside of the stadium because even at 84 degrees, it was hot in the sun for almost two hours so that took away from some of the prep we did to be hydrated, awake and alive for the entirety of the concert!

My fatigue and muscle pains are the most prevalent still two days later, so I anticipate a chill week of just work and a few things here and there. But oh my, my, my (Mary’s song Taylor’s version coming soon?) am I glad I could experience this spectacle again!

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