07 Jan

I’m stuck in a box of the coldest, clearest ice

I can see out, but it’s so clear that no one notices it

I’m watching the world ebb and flow, learn and grow around me

Yet I’m stuck

Unmoving, unchanging

Not living not laughing not loving

I see everyone dating, getting engaged, getting married building families

And I’m not

But they never seem to notice and if they do they really don’t care

Now scientifically, I know this ice has to melt

It’s 109 degrees for goodness sake 

But it doesn’t and while we all know how I don’t do in the cold, somehow there’s not a damn thing to do about it

I’m just here 

I don’t get to forget it

It’s forever encasing me

Grieving, surviving but not thriving 

Getting older yet staying the same

Just watching all your lives pass me by

But even if it did melt, I’m surely freezer burned by now and would get thrown away with the trash

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