the [not so] good cancer

scars and all.

📣Advocacy | Awareness🎗️

Don't believe that thyroid cancer is "the good cancer?"
Me neither!

My name is Mary and I'm a Thyroid Cancer Survivor finding joy in everyday life and you can too!! From diagnosis to advocacy today, I'm here to share it all.

Welcome to the not so good cancer.

sometimes it feels like you’re watching out at the world where no one can see back in… Enter this poem “icebox.” An open, grieving, hard to get up in the morning kind of poem. A strange dichotomy of feeling joy for people around me yet grief for myself. It's the loss of my health, yet finding a community and, in a sense, a voice.

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Taking resources from this community that is navigating thyroid troubles from diagnoses, through treatment, to survivorship, and beyond! Visit to read through articles, accounts, websites etc. All with the thyroid in mind!

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Does travel look different post thyroidectomy? You bet it does… It comes with a lot more preparation and planning than I used to consider for a weekend away, but that won’t stop me from having fun!

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There’s something about being “thyroid tired.” A synthetic fight between your brain and your body, but you can never win if you are thyroidless. You can never rest if you are thyroidless. Read my midnight version of Thyroid Tired here.

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Were you asked to bring questions with you to your doctor’s office at your diagnosis? Here are mine!

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Cancer survivor takes on the world and The Eras Tour! Come along for the journey.

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It’s just the beginning of advocacy for me! Check out some of the insights gained from a week with the NCCS in June!

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