03 Nov

In the craziness that comes after a cancer diagnosis, many doctors tell you to come to your first appointment with questions…but who the heck knows what to ask in the days that follow? I wrote down a list after extensive searching on doctor google. But even that did nothing to prepare me for what was going to happen!So what did I ask? Let’s get into it.

  1. What stage of cancer?
  2. Why is the staging different for thyroid cancer?
  3. Is there a possibility it is something else instead?
  4. How does radioactive iodine (RAI) affect me?
  5. How long until radiation?
  6. When can surgery happen?
  7. What’s the recovery time?
  8. What activities can/can I not do?
  9. Is it considered a big tumor because its over 1.5cm?
  10. Do any of my medications have reactions with anesthesia or RAI?
  11. Do I need a parathyroidectomy?
  12. How many thyroids a year do you take out? 10-15?
  13. Can I be around military vehicles?
  14. How long is the prep for RAI?
  15. When do I need to prepare for it?
  16. How long have I had this?
  17. How long has it affected me?
  18. Where will the incision be?
  19. What are the risks and complications?
  20. What are the side effects of hypothyroidism?
  21. What are the chances of extrathyroidal extension?

Honestly, for having no idea what I was looking at? These were pretty great questions to come up with.

When I look back on it, I think so many of those questions are good to ask anyways, while some seem a little silly…but they did help me get the smallest of grasps on what was to come. Knowing what I know now though, I may have asked a few more pointed questions. Like maybe “will you tell me if I have an autoimmune disorder?!” But agian, what it’s worth, I think they were alright.

 I was very grateful for my ENT who took over surgery, monitoring, scans and all. Two and a half years later, my scar is truly nonexistent unless you are searching for it. I still rock it with pride everyday! My built in jewelry is awesome, if you ask me!

What are questions you wish you had asked?

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